Castor Medical Supplies, owned by Castor Home Nursing (formerly called Mercy Nursing) is a leading Illinois state provider of home nursing and staffing services with over 30 years of experience and dedication to enhancing the quality of life for others. The goal of our compassionate home nursing program and medical supplies is designed to help people stay at home and healthier longer. Our overall mission is that we are committed to helping all clients – regardless of condition or environment – enjoy the highest quality of life. Through our licensed Home Nursing, Home Health, and Home Services, we have built an eco-system to improve the lives of our customers and to support their personal independence. Our cost-effective medical supplies play a vital role in the home health cost savings and customer’s independence. We are continuing to expand to offer health and wellness products, and training as well. We now have a very large source of products from wound dressings, diabetic, needs for assisted living or facilities that needed local pick-up on-demand basis. We strive to provide those products that will add some vitality to your life or facilities to provide better care to their clients.