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The purpose of the Lee County Tourism Council is to bring attention to the the fun and unique things there are to see and do in Lee County, Illinois. Shopping for treasures, dining on local fare, hiking in parks and a State Natural Area, or delving into local history - - heck! you can even see American bison in Lee County. Oh! Camping. Can't forget camping. Lee County has four campgrounds and one private ownership campground. All offer friendly staff and clean properties in an atmosphere that is safe and secure. Events? Lots of things to do, especially in the warmer months. You can see what’s going on through Facebook posts and Events, our website and by downloading our FREE mobile app. Oh! One other thing. When we share events on Facebook, the event shows who put up the original post or event. BUT if we enter the details as an event on our page, it shows us as the host. We DO NOT put on or host events. We share and promote them.